Pandemic diary: Day 10 – Moselele turns 10

I'm just in the door from clapping the NHS and other key workers for the second time. I'm sitting here waiting for Moselele's 10th birthday to start – via Zoom's online video conferencing software. (Zoom – one of the few business winners of the coronavirus pandemic.)

Who'd have thought this would be how we'd celebrate it? It'll be interesting to see how many ukenauts join in (update: 45 at one point – see screenshots below!) and how this will actually work since we are all muted but will presumably be playing along to someone. (Past recordings on SoundCloud – it worked really well.)

I went to the very first Moselele in 2010 and have had many fun times ever since, including a drunken singalong at our wedding. There's an interview on the Moselele blog from three years ago. And a big nine-year roundup on my own blog last year. I haven't attended much recently but looking forward to tonight's virtual'pub' session. Although I am running out of booze thanks to the lockdown. Gotta eek out this tiny French shitbeer.

I pity the neighbours. Maybe I'll lip sync – they'll never know.

Today I am thankful for all the fun times.

Wedding shingalong.
Happy 10th birthday from homes in Brum, Tower Bridge, Kent and Pennsylvania apparently.

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  1. And Solihull. Thanks for suggesting it! And sorry I never comment, but I do always read and enjoy 🙂

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