Pandemic diary 59: 'Universe vs Me' (guest post)

Me, sis and my hypoallergenic Ikea dog Boober.

My lovely sister Chris has submitted a guest 'Pants-Demic' diary post – she has been doing maths battle with the cosmic accountant again while using the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein as a teaching weapon. So happy the 'Mary Poppins of Maths' has logged one of her typical lockdown days. Here's how she is coping in the crisis…


Woke up. Still not dead so got up. (Universe 0-Me 1)

Played with 3yo grandson, M. Choo Choo!

Had breakfast. DIY muesli (1st bowl of new batch. Not bad).

Played with M. Brum Brum!

Drove home. (Childmind at daughter’s home, she is a key worker; teach at my own home, alternating days).
Get a parking space. (Normally impossible since lockdown).
(Universe 0-Me 2)

Set up laptop for Zoom teaching.
Change top half into teacher’s uniform. Bottom half stays as cutoffs and flip flops. Lippie. Comb hair. No perfume, no point.
Connect with 1 minute to spare.
(Universe 0 – Me 3)

Taught 14yo online. Maths equations.He is sleepy. I sing Raindrops on Roses at him until he wakes up.
(Universe 0 – Me 4)


Taught 16yo online. Maths proofs. She wouldn’t engage in direct eye contact, so audio only, no video. Still a good session but concerned at increasing reticence as lockdown proceeds. (Mum reports growing tension between siblings under lockdown. Not good).
(Universe 1 – Me 5)

Tea and banana sandwich without the bread.
(Universe 1 – Me 6)

Taught 16yo. Prep for A-Level Biology, Maths and Chemistry. (I was preparing the student for GCSE, but exams were obviously cancelled due to Co-bloody-Vid-frogging-19.)
Sleepy student. So, sang Climb Every Mountain until he joined in. (With set task, not singing).
Overall, a good lesson. I enjoyed it anyway.
(Universe 1 – Me 7)

Downsides: student’s get-up time has moved from 1pm (last week) to 3pm (this week). (Universe 2 -Me 5)
And I didn’t get to give him a 16th birthday card and present.
(Universe 3 – Me 7)

Sat very still. (teaching is quite intense, even online, so slightly word-saturated.)
Watched videos of 2 grandsons. Amazing.
(Universe 3 – Me 8).

Speak to a close and beautiful friend to wish her happy birthday. Feeling much happier 😃
(Universe 3 – Me 9)

M FaceTimed me to say goodnight. I think he was kissing the camera, but all I saw was one giant eyeball.
(Universe 3 – Me 10)

Gave up sitting still, ate something, and went to bed. Read government comments on opening schools being in children’s best interests, despite current rates. Got quite angry.
(Universe 4 – Me 10)

Did yoga. Went back to bed. Did not read any more news or FB comments. Slept.
(Universe 4 – Me 11)

Where is Fi’s Pandemic Diary on Facebook? I can’t go to sleep without Fi’s pandemic diary. (Well, I can, but not happy about it).
Fi informs me it is in production.
(Universe 4 – Me 12)

So, 12 magic moments today. All around people I love or care about. Not bad. Even better if I could see more of my family, but not bad at all.


Today I am grateful for having such a supercalifragilistic, ridiculous sister, who puts the Chris AND the sis into crisis. Chris, you're my favourite sis! (Paul, you're my favourite bro.)

A toast! To ridiculous siblings everywhere!

Remember that time we put the bunnies into Chris's cage so she could cheer them up on their birthday?

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  1. ………… and there was me, thinking that I had invented the bread-free sandwich. i came up with the idea a few months ago, but i still sport the 'wok-smugglers" profile. somewhat frustratingly just grabbing and eating the 'sandwich' contents releases quite a bit of time – a commodity i'm not short of right now……………..

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