Pandemic diary 60: Surfing meditation gets bitchin' real

If I were furloughed, I could say the Point Break line: 'The government's gonna pay me to learn to surf?'

So the other day I talked all about how lovely surfing meditations were for escaping lockdown life, but that I couldn't actually catch a wave during the visualisation.

Well, dear reader, the windmills of my mind have been turning on this blustery spring day and I figured that perhaps my imagination needed a little help.

So out came the wobble board.

Have you even tried to close your eyes and do a guided meditation on a balance board? No, I'm pretty sure you haven't. Or possibly anyone else for that matter. In fact, this is may be a world first.

So there I was, trying to keep the edges from hitting the lawn and trying to crouch low without falling over and wiping out – how I wished the sea were there to fall into – while having my eyes shut and trying to imagine some nice drop ins.

On one hand, it worked so much better than just sitting still and imagining. I got a pretty good sense of a ride, with the wind gusting around me and the balance constantly changing, and some surf video running through my neurons. Pete just needs to spray water at me and maybe add a paddling pool to land in, and it's there.

On the other, there was a lot going on in my mind. And there was no pop up but I've never been able to pop up even on land so…

Anyway I thought you'd want amusing Saturday* night photographic evidence. so here you are (scroll down), courtesy of my personal surf photographer.

*It's Friday. Lockdown days skipping around.

Today I am thankful for Pete's tech skills as he made me this little bit of slideshow media for me. I added a bit of Melt Banana – and (beach blanket) bingo! [link for if it doesn't load]

PS. After I went surfing, I tried sailing – it was a lot easier.

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